Site usage agreement

When you are surfing through the ADOne-TEN website, we will expect you to abide by the following agreement. If you do not agree, then please stop using the site. [Note: the 'main site' means the parts of the site where no login is required.]

Purpose of the site

The purpose of this site is to help traffic exchanges grow. We want to explain the ADOne-TEN Network as clearly and plainly as possible, help exchange owners use the system, and to provide tools for surfers (ultimately the exchange owners' customers or prospects). We will do our best to keep the site up to date on the latest software advances and membership standings. If you request it, we will also provide support and additional information by email about the network. Owners and Admins of Sticker Sites can only use up to 25% the tokens they earn from the sites they own or admin.

User behavior

You agree that, while using this site, you will not attempt to hack, reverse-engineer, or perform other malicious acts that would harm the operation or appearance of this site, or impact other surfers or users of this site. Any user and or Sticker owner caught talking down or defacing the name of stickers or adone ten will have any and all services removed without warning or refunds. One user per account - if more than one person is collecting the account in question will be closed.

User tracking

We will periodically generate statistics about how many visitors we have had to the main site, and what countries they are from based on IP address. However, we will store no personal information on anyone in the main site, for any reason. The main site does use a referral cookie, so that if you join our system, the proper referring member gets credit. The cookie contains only the ID number of the referring member, and the date the referral was made.

Liability waiver

User (that's you) agrees that no damage, direct or indirect, will occur from the use, misuse, or inability to use this site. You agree to waive any claim on Dias Media, its members or founder, for any reason related to the usability, accessibility, or comprehensibility of this site. While we will do our personal best to keep this site up at all times, outages happen, and we will not accept responsibility for occurrences outside of our control.


We do not use or condone the use of spam. If you came to this website because of an email you did not request, please forward the email to We will do our best to find and shut down any person using spam on our system. We do not collect email addresses on the main site for this reason.


We are expressing a series of ideas related to a network for traffic exchanges. The ideas and terminology expressed on these pages are copyright 2004-2012 by James M Dias, all rights are reserved. No portion of this site may be copied or forwarded without prior written permission. You may discuss this site, and you can certainly link to it, but please remember that this site is our idea, and our creation.

Totality and severability

This represents the entirety of the agreement between you, a regular surfer, and Dias Media Works in exchange for free use of the main section of this site. This agreement is subject to change, but will always be posted at

If any portion of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, the balance of this agreement shall remain in place.

If you disagree with any portion of this agreement, please stop surfing this site, and remove any copies of pages of this site from your browser's cache.

One user can claim stickers per account - in a case where 2 people/IP's have calimed multiple stickers. The account will be locked - no warning as this is a free system for most members - sharing an account is not allowed at all.

If email fails or can not be delivered account will be closed. ( no questions asked )

Stickers and Tokens

Stickers for are available for sale. Basic pricing is on the
Stickers are sold in 5 packs or a single one off and will only hold a value of 5 tokens only for each upgraded member account. For example if you own 10 stickers then only 5 will be valued at 1 token each. If you need more tokens please contact James Dias on skype Ablazewithtraffic or James@diasmediaworks

It is the option of the artist to increase the change for stickers with special request.
Stickers will be created with a 110 proof and sent to client for approval. Once approved the sticker values will be added and sent to installer to be added to the site.

Stickers nearest to the 50, 110, 220, 330, 550, surf increments will hold the value of tokens by default and only one allowed under 100 pages surfed can have a token.

Stickers are not refundable art work.

One time use sticker are just that one time use Reusable sticker can Not be changed back to one time use stickers.

Removing Stickers

In the event you want to cancel hosting for stickers. You will also need to remove Stickers from the site or the account will be charged the balance of one months hosting at the last charged rate. This will continue till the account is finished showing and or collecting of stickers. After the account expires is any claiming of sticker codes is agreeing to charge the account the full amount of one months hosting.

Accounts with payments failed notices will also have the full amount placed on hold to ensure payments of hosting.

( Updated  10-29-2016 )



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