This is fast easy and kick butt traffic. But with a twist. Splash-TEN is about traffic.
Splash-TEN gets the traffic exchange owner more volume to their sites. And it's passive too.
Passive marketing is one of the best tools traffic exchange owners have. It helps reduce
marketing costs while increasing signups and returning active members.

Here is how it works.
Add 3 of your best performing splash pages to the system. (I hope you are tracking!)
Add our
Splash-TEN link to the surf rotation at your traffic exchange.  (You control the volume!)
We check the sites and add your exchange to the mix. (Yes, we control the sites allowed)

Splash-TEN link you added will show a random splash from the network and yours will show at
other sites. Itís the easiest way to passively market your site at other great traffic exchanges. 

5 benefits of
Splash-TEN for traffic exchange owners.
Benefit #1

Increase your reach in the traffic exchange market passively. AKA Casting a wider net.
Benefit #2
Your top 3 converting splash pages are shown thousands of times a month.
Benefit #3

You are able to have more pages in your site's  rotation, which keeps credits from burning too fast.
Benefit #4

You control the volume & the flow. So when you need more volume then just show your
Splash-TEN link more often.
Benefit #5 
Quality traffic, since only approved sources get used.

Splash-TEN is for traffic exchange owners ONLY and is a premium low cost product.
No additional cost for active reusable sticker sites.

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